Stockport Times East

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

In a Spin in Ibiza

MUSIC maestro Tim Scott went down a storm in Ibiza as he played alongside Radio One DJ Judge Jules.

This is the third time Tim, of Greater Manchester South has accompanied the renowned DJ at the Radio One weekend on the white isle.

Although the guitar is not the first sound you associate with the clubbers' paradise island, the dynamic duo caused a stir at Eden night club in San Antonio Bay when Tim played his flamenco guitar alongside Jules's techno beats.

Tim said: “We've been playing the track on the club nights and the crowd go crazy. They were jumping in the air and dancing.”

“This gig is always an incredible experience, as Jules is never afraid to go out on a limb and let me try something new which is often very experimental at times. It's an exciting way of taking music to where people are. I really enjoy doing it.”

The pair were introduced by a journalist. While interviewing Jules, the journalist said he had just interviewed the best session guitarist in the UK. Just weeks later, Tim's talent was recorded on a track called ‘Puesta Del Sol’ on Jules' new album ‘Proven Worldwide’.

Tim, a graduate of London's prestigious Guitar Institute, has always had problems with musical notation, just as he has always struggled with the written word due to his dyslexia.

Despite this set back, Tim has written, played, recorded, produced, packaged and even distributed his debut album, ‘Bald On The Inside’ from a home studio in the converted dining room of his home.

This album marked the start of his career as a virtuoso guitarist.

Tim is now busy working on his second solo album.

He added: “Everything I have done has been off my own back. I have put in a lot of hard work and a lot of my time is spent marketing and getting myself noticed.”

Lisa Kenyon