Manchester Evening News

Thursday, 5th August, 2010

Four years later… guitar hero Tim is finally in the pink

TIM Scott is certainly tickled pink.

The Mancunion musician has finally got his hands on his one-off sparkly pink Custom Shop Jackson guitar in his signature shade… fully four years after placing an order.

So why the wait?

“I don’t know,” says the guitarist, who has jammed out with Judge Jules in Ibiza.

“If you look at Jackson Guitar’s website it’s full of guys with long hair and beards and big muscles and guitars with skulls on or black, so I reckon they looked at it and went ‘Sparkly Pink? No we’re not making that’” he laughs.

“And they just dropped it behind the filing cabinet and then obviously the hard times came and they thought ‘Oh we’ll have to make that now’.”

And the ‘Guitar Mashing’ artist, a term he uses to describe the unique genre he plays, tells me his new single, Cosmic Ignition, a drum and bass guitar mash-up, is doing well.

While it was mixed in Manchester, the single was mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche, who has also worked on Tim’s latest album and single.

“Geoff is one of the best mastering engineers in the world, as I suppose you’d expect working with people like the Spice Girls and Kylie and stuff like that,” says, Tim who has released the single through his own label, Acer Records.

And there’s more to come. Tim is due to start work on a dub step guitar mashing crossover track which will go towards a third album, due to come out next year.

Lisa Stocks