Driving Rock Anthems (Instrumental Road Trip)

Album released: 24th November 2017

1. 4AM and I Can’t Sleep (Until I Hear the Music)
2. Super Machiavellian
3. Friends In The Sky
4. Ghosts
5. New Moon On Sunday (Blue Jean 88025 Mix)
6. Pink & Chrome (The Sex Toy Mix)
7. Palm House
8. The Wonderland Gang (Dirty Radio Edit)
9. Bald On The Inside
10. Gorton Monastery
11. Money = Cocaine Emptiness (Black Wednesday Mix)
12. Jelly Skeletons (Original Mix)

Ibiza Summer House (Sunset Beach Vibes)

Album released: 14th August 2017

1. Without U
2. Magnesium Black (Guitar vs. DJ)
3. Chasing Sunrise
4. Ibiza’s Secret Garden (Original Radio Edit)
5. Amy Jane (Extended Chaos Mix)
6. Angel Dust (Chasing The Dawn)

Scott Mashing

Album released: 16th January 2017

1. Es Cubells
2. Chasing Sunrise
3. Bora Bora Space Junkie
4. Gorton Monastery
5. Ibiza’s Secret Garden
6. Prelude In C
7. Ghosts
8. Bring On The Night
9. Without U
10. Bank

Ultimate Miami Dance Guitar

Album released: 24th March 2014

1. Fly Away (White Rabbit Mix) [feat. Ruthybabez]
2. Jelly Skeletons (Disruption Mix) [Jazzstep]
3. Harmonic Elevator (Extended Mix)
4. Skye Surfing (Radio Edit)
5. I Don't Wanna Be (Extended Version)
6. Rok1 (Guitar vs. Dubstep Original) [Rockstep]
7. I Found Love (Extended Mix)
8. Magnesium Black (Guitar vs. DJ)

Guitar Mashing Decade

Album released: 24th February 2014

1. Harmonic Elevator (Radio Edit)
2. Cosmic Ignition (Radio Edit)
3. Magnesium Black (Radio Edit)
4. Ibiza's Secret Garden (Original Radio Edit)
5. Dirty Mule (Radio Edit)
6. Fly Away (Radio Edit) [feat. Ruthybabez]
7. Angel Dust (Radio Edit)
8. Cataclysmic Pink (Radio Edit)
9. Rok1 (Radio Edit) [Rockstep]
10. Ibiza Mayhem (Radio Edit)
11. I Found Love (Radio Edit)
12. Rio Gold Dust (Radio Edit)
13. Amy Jane (Radio Edit)
14. I Don't Wanna Be (Radio Edit)
15. One Life (Radio Edit)
16. Jelly Skeletons (Radio Edit) [Jazzstep]
17. Tim Scott vs. J.S. Bach's Proper Prelude in C
18. Skye Surfing (Radio Edit)
19. 4am and I Can't Sleep (Until I Hear the Music)
20. Bald On the Inside

Ibiza Mayhem 2012

Album released: 16th December 2011

1. Cosmic Ignition (Magic Foo Mix)
2. Rio Gold Dust (Jacked Up Guitar Mix)
3. Cataclysmic Pink (Silver Snowflake Mix)
4. Ibiza Mayhem (Party Porn Mix)
5. One Life (Moonshine Sex Mix)
6. Dirty Mule (Original Mix)
7. Amy Jane (Extended Chaos Mix)

Guitar Mashing

Album released: 26th November 2008

1. Angel Dust (Funky Bass Radio Edit)
2. Ibiza’s Secret Garden (Original Radio Edit)
3. Love Parade (Radio Edit)
4. Tim Scott vs. J.S. Bach’s Proper Prelude in C
5. Super Machiavellian
6. The Wonderland Gang (Dirty Radio Edit)
7. The After Show (Burlesque Radio Edit)
8. Pink & Chrome (The Sex Toy Mix)
9. Bank (The Central Line Mix)
10. Money = Cocaine Emptiness (Black Wednesday Mix)
11. Angel Dust (King of Guitar Mashing Club Mix)
12. Chasing the Dawn (Sunrise Mix)

Bald On The Inside

Album released: 23rd June 2003

1. 4 am And I Can't Sleep (Until I Hear The Music)
2. Bald On The Inside
3. He's Got A Wig On
4. Friends In The Sky
5. Palm House
6. Exercises For Anoraks
7. New Moon On Sunday
8. Cactus Garden
9. Lala Ping Fork
10. Steel ¥
11. The Fair

Retrospective Guitar Mashing

Album released: 17th February 2014

1. 11/8 News
2. Parisian Café
3. Future Blues
4. Grandma's New Flat
5. The Edge
6. Manhattan Skyline
7. American Bar Brawl
8. Combat 101
9. Power Raceway
10. I Hate Clocks
11. Atlantis
12. Angry Bee
13. The Garden Revisited
14. Brainwave
15. N.B.D (Slight Return, Pt. 2)
16. Escape from the Jungle
17. The Journey
18. Sky Dragons
19. Decisions
20. Road Trip
21. The Machine
22. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (Guitar Instrumental)
23. Atomic Underground
24. The Fair
25. Piano Parks Stereo Light (Explicit)